Seatbelt Requirements

In New Jersey wearing a seatbelt is required for driver and passengers with special requirements for children.  All occupants of a vehicle both front and back must wear a seat belt. Failure to wear a seat belt as a front seat passenger is a primary offense, allowing law enforcement to … Read more

Michael L. Nichnowitz

April 13, 2020

Cell Phone Use

The cell phone may be used by the operator of a moving motor vehicle as long as it is a hands-free wireless telephone or the device is used hands-free with an attachment generally referred to as bluetooth. The statute N.J.S.A. 39:4-97.3 Use of Wireless Telephone, Electronic Communication Device in Moving … Read more

Michael L. Nichnowitz

April 11, 2020

Improper Passing on Shoulder

The charge of improper passing can be cited in a variety of situations. It is most often issued in high traffic densely traveled areas particularly during rush hour times.

Take the following scenario. Driver is on a highway during rush hour and wants to exit at the turnoff before the … Read more

Michael L. Nichnowitz

April 10, 2020

Watch Out For Trains

Periodically there are still car/truck/pedestrian vs. train accidents in the news despite all the signs, warning lights, bells and gates present prior to crossing train tracks. Impatient drivers (or for other reasons) make the foolish mistake of going around gates in order to probably save time. Some crossings may have … Read more

Michael L. Nichnowitz

April 9, 2020

Proper Turns Can Be A Challenge

Making a turn with this stagecoach must take plenty of effort and muscle pulling and tugging the reins. Making a turn in a modern vehicle with all the power assists – an effortless maneuver. Back in the day stagecoach drivers probably never received tickets for making a bad turn but … Read more

Michael L. Nichnowitz

April 8, 2020

Properly Maintaining Your Vehicle

Notice the care given this work truck. The list of violations are many. Starting with a broken front windshield (or better yet no windshield), another violation for no inspection sticker on the non-existent windshield. I have inspected client vehicles who were issued a moving violation(s) along with one tacked on … Read more

Michael L. Nichnowitz

April 7, 2020

No Turn On Red

Another turn inviting a summons involves turning right when the traffic light is red and a No Turn On Red sign is posted. A very commonly issued violation. This turn violation may be caused for a variety of reasons, inattention, rushing, etc.

However placement of the signs No Turn On … Read more

Michael L. Nichnowitz

April 4, 2020


Even with the 1930’s car pictured, drivers did speed back in the day. But today, with all the major advancements in motor vehicles and construction of highways there is no comparison. After 28 years of handling traffic summonses in New Jersey Municipal Courts, there are some subtle differences that account … Read more

Michael L. Nichnowitz

April 3, 2020

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